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Diversity Considerations for Promoting Early Childhood Oral Health: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Sarah Prowse, Robert J. Schroth, Alexandria Wilson, Jeanette M. Edwards,Janet Sarson Jeremy A. Levi, and Michael E. Moffatt

Date: 01/2014

Source: International Journal of Dentistry Volume 2014

The purpose of this pilot study was to explore the views of parents and caregivers from four cultural groups on early childhood oral health and early childhood caries.

Delivery of primary health care to persons who are socio-economically disadvantaged: does the organizational delivery model matter?

Author(s): Simone Dahrouge, William Hogg, Natalie Ward, Meltem Tuna, Rose Anne Devlin, Elizabeth Kristjansson, Peter Tugwell and Kevin Pottie

Date: 12/2013

Source: BMC Health Services Research 2013, 13:517

This study evaluated the delivery of primary health services for different socio-economic groups and assessed the performance of different organizational models in terms of equality of health care delivery in Ontario, Canada.

A narrative synthesis of the impact of primary health care delivery models for refugees in resettlement countries on access, quality and coordination

Author(s): Chandni Joshi, Grant Russell, I-Hao Cheng, Margaret Kay, Kevin Pottie, Margaret Alston, Mitchell Smith, Bibiana Chan, Shiva Vasi, Winston Lo, Sayed Shukrullah Wahidi and Mark F Harris

Date: 11/2013

Source: International Journal for Equity in Health 2013, 12:88

The aim of this narrative synthesis is to identify the components of primary health care service delivery models for refugees which have been effective in improving access, quality and coordination of care.

Hepatitis B Screening and Vaccination Strategies for Newly Arrived Adult Canadian Immigrants and Refugees: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Author(s): Carmine Rossi, Kevin Schwartzman Olivia Oxlade

Date: 10/2013

Source: PLOS ONE| Volume 8 | Issue 10

This study compares four HBV screening and vaccination strategies with no intervention in a hypothetical cohort of newly-arriving adult Canadian immigrants.

Shadow Economies, Economic Survival Strategies of Toronto Immigrant Communities

Author(s): Nasima Akter (Lead Researcher & Data Analyst)

Date: 10/2013

Source: Wellesley Institute

This study looks at how newcomers survive poor labour market access, adverse working conditions, and the broader conditions that make them vulnerable to exploitation. It also looks at the resiliency of newcomers and how they may build new economic opportunities for themselves when conventional ones are denied.

Racialization and Health Inequities in Toronto

Author(s): Jennifer Levy, Donna Ansara, and Andi Stover

Date: 10/2013

Source: Toronto Public Health

The objectives of this report are to increase understanding of the impact of racialization on health inequities in the Toronto context; to identify data and research gaps; and to inform service design and policy advocacy.

Sociodemographic data collection for health equity measurement: a mixed methods study examining public opinions

Author(s): Maritt Kirst, Ketan Shankardass, Sivan Bomze, Aisha Lofters and Carlos Quiñonez

Date: 08/2013

Source: International Journal for Equity in Health 2013, 12:75

A mixed methods study to generate in-depth understanding of public opinion on the collection of patient sociodemographic information in healthcare settings for equity monitoring purposes in Ontario, Canada.

Education as a Social Determinant of Health: Issues Facing Indigenous and Visible Minority Students in Postsecondary Education in Western Canada

Author(s): Shankar, J.; Ip, E.; Khalema, E.; Couture, J.; Tan, S.; Zulla, R.T.; Lam, G.

Date: 08/2013

Source: Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2013, 10, 3908-3929.

This study acknowledged that the level of educational attainment is an important social determinant of health. It aimed to understand the reasons for the poor representation in post secondary institutions of indigenous and visible minority students by examining their experiences enrolled in a postsecondary program.

Violence against women and suicide in the context of migration

Author(s): Erminia Colucci and Amanda Heredia Montesinos

Date: 08/2013

Source: Suicidology Online 2013; 4:81-91.

This article reviews literature about suicide and domestic violence among ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees to examine the relationship between the two. Further, it presents a ‘call for action’ for academics, policy makers and service providers engaged in suicide prevention.

Risks for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among Asian men who have sex with men in Vancouver, British Columbia: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Thiha Maung Maung, Becky Chen, David M Moore, Keith Chan, Steve Kanters, Warren Michelow, Robert S Hogg, Nadine Nakamura, Wayne Robert, Reka Gustafson, Mark Gilber and The ManCount Study Team

Date: 08/2013

Source: BMC Public Health 2013, 13:763

This study explores topcis related tothe HIV risk patterns of Asian men who have sex with men in Vancouver,B.C., Canada.

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