Thiha Maung Maung, Becky Chen, David M Moore, Keith Chan, Steve Kanters, Warren Michelow, Robert S Hogg, Nadine Nakamura, Wayne Robert, Reka Gustafson, Mark Gilber and The ManCount Study Team

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Last Reviewed: 08-21-2013

Risks for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among Asian men who have sex with men in Vancouver, British Columbia: a cross-sectional survey

Source: BMC Public Health 2013, 13:763

This study explores topcis related tothe HIV risk patterns of Asian men who have sex with men in Vancouver,B.C., Canada.

Participants aged ≥ 19 years were enrolled in a venue-based HIV serobehavioural survey of MSM in Vancouver, Canada. The researchers compared the demographic characteristics, risk behaviours, and prevalence of HIV and other sexual and blood borne infections between Asian and non-Asian MSM using bivariate analysis and logistic regression confounder modelling. Study findings show that amongst 1132 participants, 110 (9.7%) self-identified as Asian. Asian participants were younger than non-Asian participants (median age 29 vs. 32 years; p < 0.001), but otherwise did not differ from other study participants. HIV prevalence was lower among Asian MSM compared to Non-Asian MSM (3.7% vs 19.0%, p <0.001). Among men who self-reported as HIV negative or unknown , the researchers found no differences in unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) with a discordant or unknown serostatus partner in the previous six months (11 vs. 13%; p = 0.503). However, Asian MSM were less likely to report ever using injection drugs (10.8% vs. 19.2%; p = 0.043) or using alcohol before having sex (52% vs. 64.4%; p = 0.017).  The authors' conclusion was that Asian MSM in the study reported similar rates of UAI as non-Asian MSM, but had a lower prevalence of HIV infection. Other factors, such as the use of drugs and alcohol, in relation to sex, may partly explain these differences. However, in their opinion, this requires further investigation.

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Theme: Health and Well Being

Region: British Columbia, Canada

Subject Group: Immigrants, Men