Erminia Colucci and Amanda Heredia Montesinos

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Last Reviewed: 02-03-2014

Violence against women and suicide in the context of migration

Source: Suicidology Online 2013; 4:81-91.

This article reviews literature about suicide and domestic violence among ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees to examine the relationship between the two. Further, it presents a ‘call for action’ for academics, policy makers and service providers engaged in suicide prevention.

Higher risk of being victim of violence, additional forms of violence (immigration-related abuse), and greater barriers to seeking help, contribute to make women from immigrant and refugee backgrounds particularly vulnerable to suicidal behaviour. While violence against women is now widely recognized as a significant global problem, a major public health issue, and one of the most widespread violations of human rights, suicidal behaviour among immigrant women has received limited attention as a public health concern, and even less as a human/women’s right issue. The authors of this paper argue that suicide prevention must be addressed as a public health issue, and it is time for suicide to be considered also as a women and human rights issue.

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Region: Canada, International

Subject Group: Immigrants, Refugees, Women